Introducing Quber.BIZ

Over the past few months we have been building what we have been preaching! An alpha version of which is available now on the Android Playstore.


QUBER.BIZ is a new generation BI and decisioning platform for the savvy businessperson. Bringing all the business activities on one platform Quber simplifies and streamlines one's enterprise radically. Bringing together HR , Inventory-Billing-Sales-Ordering , Advertising & CRM and Analytics on one simplified platform Quber provides the much necessary ERP System for the SME's. Easy to use and simple to configure its a must have tool for every business.

With a simplified and affordable pricing model, businesses can opt-in or out without any regret. Charged on a monthly basis for the amount of cloud usage in terms of saved data,network usage , CPU usage and for the number of users and branches of a business, its a handy tool for every stakeholder. is a core-business-platform.Digitizing and analyzing a business core-banking style. Automating the business processes and collecting each activity's data, the tool provides real-time intelligence for on the spot decision making. Storing the data in the cloud and accessed as a mobile app one can manage their business from anywhere on earth with an internet connection. Analyzing and visualizing the data with time tested statistical methods, its a visual treat and instant analytical tool for the savvy businessperson. Join the alpha-trial and take a tour.

Visit the site  download the trial app and take a walkthrough. Provide your valuable suggestions as we bake in more features into the app. Request a trial with your own domain name and we will get back to you soon. Usernames and passwords are provided on the trial web page. Happy Testing ! And, no worries as no data is saved on your phone !