The concept and purpose

China as a country with exploding population did not complain but rose to the challenge. To cater to the rising numbers they started building suitable infrastructure. They built wide roads, as many skyscrapers, huge swimming pools, large railway networks and wide doors and windows to accommodate everyone.

In contrast, in a country like India, whose population is increasing at a rate more than that of China, we haven't comprehended the reality. We try to cut down the explosion by raising the prices, increasing the queue lines and pushing more people into the cattle class or make good an escape to America. So that the privileges remain to the selected few. Its high time India builds its rails,roads,temples and monuments to accommodate its population. India needs extra broad gauge rails and wider doors for its temples! Tradition is not a solution.

In the same vein, the internet and its data centers were built in its early days for a small number. With its penetration increasing by leaps and bounds, the net infrastructure too needs to be expanded to accommodate the billions. Thus the internet architecture deserves a rethink.

As we all realized sticking together 150 companies by spending $25 billion doesn't make it a data architecture ,rather the same old wine in a blue bottle! The applications which were built for the old world order cannot solve the modern problems. We do need something better than SAP and oracle.

Hence to build such a solution catering to the billions, a new concept was thought upon. By democratizing the data about the population and then building the necessary infrastructure to understand the data a genuine problem is solved. Adding infiniband networks ,more processing power and abundant storage to the data centers have brought supercomputers into the hands of the common man. And building applications for the new hardware have drastically reduced the cost and reach of the softwares. And thus one huge population challenge has been tackled.

Now what remains for the ISP's in India is to build the necessary networks and maintain net neutrality!

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