The data strategy

  Indians are great at solving American problems! Not that India is problem free, but for the money involved in finding the solution. Since liberalization Indian engineers have been writing loads of code for the first world countries and thus exploiting their markets. That they are capable is not the question, but they aren't using their skills for building India is the point of contention! Well, lets change this trend.

  By creating a roaring market for the software applications in India and the third world we can achieve a certain humanitarian goal. The entire world can utilize automated solutions. Simplify their laborious tasks. And make bundles of money!

  To achieve that goal a quiet tricky strategy was thought upon. 

1. Convert the software into reusable services which can be paid per use.So that the complexity & quality of software is not compromised.

2. Let the services not be mere pieces of software but be manipulating data. And as the data changes, be it American or Indian or Nigerian, the ensuing quality of solution remains top class all at a nominal cost. 

  That makes the software coded by Indians more global and even Indians too can use the software built by them.


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